Rack One

The Rack One Whitetail System is the brainchild of Chris and Casey Keefer: hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and hosts of fan favorite shows like Outdoor Channel’s Dropped and Rival Wild on the Sportsman Channel. Combining their passion for hunting, their studies of whitetail behavior, and their robust land management background, the brothers developed Rack One as a systematic process to grow trophy racks and improve herd health from year to year. The duo partnered with outdoor lifestyle powerhouse Arcus Hunting to introduce Rack One to passionate, resourceful hunters across the nation.

Whether you’re looking for magic in a bag to attract and grow trophy racks all year, or you want to help improve overall herd health, rack one is for you.


Learn about Rack 1 Whitetail system from Gus Congemi of Live the Wild Life TV and grow bigger deer!