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Rottweil Copper Unlimited 12/70 34g 10pcs

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6 / 2,75mm

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The new Rottweil Copper Unlimited is a highly-performance lead-free cartridge that rivals lead shot cartridges. The cartridges contain shot made from pure copper - copper is both heavier and softer than soft iron shot. The advantages to the sportsman include increased effective ranges of up to 40 metres and up to 15% more energy delivered to the target. This improves one's chances of success since more pellets can be put into the cartridge than with the same load weight of steel.

In addition, the softer copper shot makes forest and field shooting possible again since the danger from ricochets is greatly reduced. Rottweil Copper Unlimited is a high-performacnde cartridge with a maximum muzzle velocity (V2.5m) of up to 397 m/sec. This means maximum energy delivered to the game animal, long effective ranges and less lead required for moving targets.

Construction Rottweil Copper Unlimited

  • The black PE plastic case is highly resistant to moisture
  • Lead-free shots made of pure copper offer greater range and improved lethality over soft iron shots
  • Excellent coverage even at long range through maximum shot weight of 34.0 g
  • Dense shot pattern with good patterning due to a sturdy cup wad, which prevents abrasion of the shot
  • High-performance powder affords a velocity of V2.5 = 397m/s at max. gas pressure of 1050 bar
  • Protection of the barrel due to non-corrosive SINOXID® ignition
  • Extra high quality 20 mm brass head with 12


Shot size2,75 mm

Shot number6


Brass head height20 mm

Mouth velocity397

Load weight34 g

Compatible with calibre12/70, 12/76

The approximated packaged size or the size of the product's package is 110 x 110 x 60 mm.

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Coated shot
Not coated

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1 kg (Includes the weight of the package if present)

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