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AOI UWL-400A - Wide Angle Conversion Wet Lens 0.5x (QRS adaptable)

AOI UWL-400A - Wide Angle Conversion Wet Lens 0.5x (QRS adaptable)

AOI UWL-400A - Wide Angle Conversion Wet Lens 0.5x (QRS adaptable)

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Tuotteen kuvaus

A beautiful and very efficient lens with M52 thread (removable)
No vignetting with following housings: Olympus PT-58, Olympus PT-56

This wetlens will fit straight on your 52mm thread on your Olympus, Nauticam or Seafrogs TG-5/6 housings - Easy and affordable!
The lens is made for cameras with a 24mm lens as the widest focal width. But regular compact camera systems with M52 thread will also shine bright using it.

QRS = Quick Release System

The UWL-400A is a quality Wide Angle Lens that will expand your FOV in a 120-degree cone.

This is basically the same as the model 400. The only difference being that the 400A's 52mm thread can be removed and replaced by AOI's quick release system which means you can remove the lens and mount it on a 52mm dome port utilizing the AOI Quick Release Mount Base on the go.

As the height of the M52 thread is not the same as the original UWL-400, this lens will not fit on the Seafrogs SO-2/SO-3 housing.
It will not fit the M54/M67 converter adapter either (or be used on M67 housings)

AOI Lens - model: UWL-400A

  • 120 Degrees Wide Angle
  • Very sharp Corners
  • No Vignetting
  • Anti Reflection Coating
  • Full Zoom Through
  • Includes Dome Cover and Rear Lens Cap
  • Soft Travel Case

Description:  0.50X Underwater Wide Angle Conversion Wet Lens

Lens Construction: 5 Elements in 5 Groups
Lens Coating: All Glass Lens Elements with Multi-layers AR Coating, 
Front: PC Dome Lens with Hard Coating

Field of View (diagonal): Underwater 120°(with 25mm Lens)
Magnification: 0.50X (on land / underwater)
Minimum Object Distant: 0 mm to the Front Dome Lens (on land/underwater)
Mount System: M52 Thread
Depth Rating: 100 Meters

Bezel / Body Material:  
ABS / Hard Anodized Aluminum Alloy
Weight: (on land / underwater)    603g (on land) 220g (underwater)
Dimensions: 121.8mm (D) X76mm (H)

Standard Accessories Included:    
Neoprene Dome Cover (DNC-02)
Rear Cap (PRC-05)
Lens Secure Line (LSL-03)

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 200 x 150 x 150 mm.

0,603 kg
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