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Apeks WTX-D40

Apeks WTX-D40

Apeks WTX-D40

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Toimitusaika arviolta 14 - 30 vrk.
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Arviolta 14 - 30 vrk tilauksesta. Arvion luotettavuus on hieman epävarma.

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Single cylinder wings, commonly known as donuts, are air bladders shaped like ovals that are not permanently attached to a harness. While these wings were originally used in technical diving, they are now gaining popularity in the recreational diving community. The streamlined design of single cylinder wings, along with their continuous loop shape, provides stability underwater, minimizing shifts of air from side to side. Apeks single cylinder wings are specially designed to accommodate cylinders snugly, allowing them to nest deep inside. These wings are compatible with the Apeks WTX collection of harnesses, plates, and accessories, offering versatility in configuration to suit various diving needs. Crafted from top-quality materials, Apeks single cylinder wings are meticulously designed and manufactured in-house for superior performance and durability.
  • Style Inflator Single Cylinder Wing
  • Donut WTX "K" Style w/ brass buttons
  • Airway16" corrugated hose w/ simple elbow
  • Dump valves 1 Flat Valve
  • Lower left Harness Can be used w/ WTX or webbed harness
  • Weight System Optional SureLock IIDrainsCentral mesh panel + 2 grommetRetractor optionWTX-D30 & WTX-D40 only
  • Tank Stabilizer Bars Yes
  • Exterior Material 1000D Armorshield CorduraInner bladder22 mil (.022) thick black urethane
  • ZipperHeavy Duty YKK #10Lift
  • Capacity (lbs/N)WTX-D18 - 18 lbsMax
  • Cylinder Size 15L

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